1. Insubordination or disobedience.

2. Theft, fraud and dishonesty in connection with the Company`s business or property.

3. Intentional damage or loss of Company`s goods or properties.

4. Falsifying or destroying Company records.

5. Gambling

6. Riots or disorderly behaviour or fighting within the Company`s premises.

7. Violence, abusing or assaulting or threatening to assault or to do any injury to other employees or supervisors.

8. Supplying false or misleading information when applying for employment.

9. Possession of dangerous weapons in the Company premises.

10. Working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

11. Immoral, immature or indecent conduct.

12. Collecting of money or distribution of printed materials without authorization from the Company.

13. Habitual breach of any Company rules.

14. Stealing other employees` property within the Companies premises.

15. Falsifying Sick Leave.

16. Disclosing confidential information without proper authorization.

17. Habitual ABSENCE without leave, absence without leave for more than two (2) consecutive working days.

18. Habitual LATE attendance.

19. Wilful slowing down of WORK or INCITING other to do so.

 Note: The list is not exhaustive.


1.  Absent without permission and without prior leave.

2.  Coming late to work.

3.  Stopping work before the proper finishing time.

4.  Leaving the workplace, section or department without permission.

5.  Careless damage of Company property on a small scale.

6.  Infringements of safety regulations which do not cause damage to property or injury.

7.  Posting, altering or removing any matter on Company`s notice boards without the permission of the management.

8.  Unauthorized use the company`s telephone and other properties.

9.  Parking of personal vehicles in other than the areas designated by the company.

10. Bringing outsiders without permission to tour or use the company facilities.

11. Writing offensive notes/memos/letters to superiors.

12. Failing to perform work or jobs assigned by superiors.

13. Loitering in the Company premises while on duty.

14. Eating and drinking during working hours except during break time

15. Chit-chatting during working hours resulting in neglect of duties.

16. Unsatisfactory work performance owing to incompetence on the job.


Note: The list is not exhaustive.



Disciplinary Action Flowchart

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